Most photos by Greg Finck Photography

Design Intensive Workshop
with Joy Proctor / Paris, France / April 27th, 2016


i will be teaching on branding & logo design for Joy Proctor at her Intensive Design Workshop this spring in Paris!!  I adore Joy's work-- she is both a true delight & an industry great. She's pulling out all the stops for this intensive with an all-star team, including renowned wedding photographer Greg Finck, and luscious florals with Bows & Arrows. The workshop focuses on intentional & thoughtful design, providing participants the tools & strategies necessary to build their brands successfully. Click on 'Register with Joy' link below to read more about it, including a detailed curriculum.                                

If you decide to attend you should definitely join us for the fantastic workshops and events we have lined up for the rest of the week in Paris! Friday's Hidden Gems Tour with Coco Kliks, Saturday's Beginning Modern Calligraphy Workshop with yours truly, and Sunday's The Art of Gathering, a slow living workshop, with me, Joy, Coco, and paris photographer Le Secret d'Audrey!