Love is the bridge between you and everything. - Rumi

I’ve designed collections from California to Italy and back again— from printmaking and painting to illustration and calligraphy, jewelry and graphic design to fashion and textiles.. So when, in 2007, I created my first set of hand-printed gift cards and wedding invitations, it made perfect sense to call it LINEA CARTA (Italian for 'Paper Line' or 'Paper Collection').

Since then LINEA CARTA has continued to grow, offering an eco-lux selection of goods including custom calligraphy kits & workbooks, hand-printed sustainable linens, wishing bracelets.. I also design and style for hire, partnering with small and large companies— like Anthropologie!, where you'll find my artwork on exclusive LINEA CARTA collections of mugs, plates, tea towels, wallpaper, and more on the way.

Known for my hand-lettering, I teach modern calligraphy & brush lettering workshops based on my own style but designed to embolden the artist in each of you!  As well as day workshops I also organize and host week long retreats abroad— open to the public and available for private groups & team building. These workshops and retreats are curated to make space for connecting with beauty and with your creativity, for first pick be sure to sign up for our mailing list and follow LINEA CARTA on Instagram :)

This 'About' section wouldn't be complete without mentioning my number 1 (and 2) inspiration: My cute lovey dogs Henry & Nico !!! They help balance the workday with walks in the forest and playtime at the beach in northern California where we call home. I also love to dance and although I’m an amatateur you'll find me many days of the week in a ballet class :)

It will be more beautiful than you could ever imagine.    - Susan O'Malley